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Winning Highly Competitive Offers

One of Compass Real Estate’s Core Principles is “Learning From Realty.”  While this is a rule the company uses in listening to us, as agents, it’s also a good rule of thumb for agents. After losing a number of multiple-offer bids, here...

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Texas Real Estate Expectations For 2021

The Texas real estate market had a busy year during 2020, and it's looking to continue that course in 2021. The deals taking place all over the Longhorn State have reached record-breaking numbers. Here, members of the Haute Residence networ...

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Helping you find a place to call home

Barbara Van Dyke is a Real Estate Professional for Kuper Sotheby’s
International Realty in Austin. Although she spent more than 20 years in marketing and public relations, she’s now found a home in real estate—and in Austin, after living...

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